Thank you ABC - Address to the Federation Chamber

Thank you ABC - Address to the Federation Chamber  Main Image

By David Smith

15 June 2020

Address to the Federation Chamber, House of Representatives, Australian Parliament

Mr DAVID SMITH (Bean) (16:15): Today I'd like to acknowledge the ABC for its leadership in the Australian media and for being a much-trusted, balanced and independent news source. I'd also like to thank the network for the critical work they have done in response to the recent crises our country has faced.

Throughout the bushfires, the ABC stepped up and ensured vital coverage across our region, which kept Australians informed and saved lives. During the current coronavirus crisis, the ABC has provided reliable and up-to-date information about the pandemic and supported families by broadcasting educational programs to children who could not go to school.

The outstanding work of the ABC is all the more important given the sad decline of more and more local media in regional Australia—more local stories that will struggle to be told unless those regional cuts are

In recognition of its work, the member for Canberra and I visited ABC Canberra a couple of weeks ago to thank the staff for their dedication and persistence in the face of ongoing cuts. How has the government responded to the important work of the ABC? With another funding cut that will reportedly leave 250 Australians without a job. The cuts will result in the scaling back of services and programs, which will leave Australians less informed and left behind.

We will continue to fight for the network throughout these cuts.

As the advertisement goes, 'It is your ABC,' and 'We love our ABC.'