St Patrick's Day and Irish-Australian relations

Address to the House of Representatives, Statement by Members - Bean Electorate

Monday 20 March 2023

A belated happy Saint Patrick's Day to everyone across this chamber. I'd like to mention three great examples of the Canberra region's Irish connection. Firstly, Bentspoke, Australia's best craft brewery, and Teeling, one of Ireland's great whiskey distillers, have come up with a unique one-off collaboration: a dry stout infused with Irish whiskey—an example of much of the great work we may be able to achieve, hopefully, under a trade agreement between the European Union and Australia in the near future.

Secondly, I would like to talk about Daramalan educated Mack Hansen. Mack Hansen, originally a Vikings and Brumbies player, over the Saint Patrick's Day weekend played in the Six-Nations-clinching championship as a winger for the Ireland team.

And, thirdly, last weekend, for about the 20th year in a row now, a multifaith ecumenical service was held at the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, effectively bringing together faiths from across the Irish diaspora, speaking out against sectarianism and speaking about inclusivity right across not just Ireland, but the Canberra Irish community as well. Happy St Patrick's Day all.