Parliamentarians launch updated National Pain Services Directory

Parliamentarians launch updated National Pain Services Directory  Main Image

04 August 2020


Pain Australia  |  David Smith MP  |  Senator Wendy Askew

The new Parliamentary Friends of Pain Management Group has today launched the updated National Pain Services Directory, which now lists over 200 public and private facilities, provides mapping and navigation information, as well as listing the various services provided at each facility.

Co-chair of the Parliamentary Group Senator Wendy Askew welcomed the update, “Australians are living through unprecedented health challenges presented by COVID-19, but for the 3.37 million Australians living with chronic pain conditions, it can be particularly difficult to locate and access pain services. Chronic pain conditions can have a significant impact on every aspect of a person’s life, with conditions like low back pain now the leading cause of disability worldwide. These new improvements to the National Pain Services Directory provide current, easy to access and use information to assist consumers and health professionals in navigating treatment for what is a complex chronic condition.’

The National Services Directory was originally launched by the Federal Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP in October last year to provide consumers and health practitioners with the support they need to make informed decisions around pain management options and pathways.  The Directory is an important initiative funded by the Federal Government under the Consumer Awareness and Education Grant.

The directory now has enhanced search and locational functionality allowing consumers and health professionals to find the right multidisciplinary care closest to their location.

Co-chair of the Parliamentary Group David Smith MP said, “People living with chronic pain include some of the most vulnerable in our communities.  It is encouraging to see these improvements that will enable people to access best practice care by skilled health practitioners, as close to their location as possible.”

The enhanced interactivity combined with new mapping and navigational functionality will improve this essential service for consumers and health professionals across Australia. The Directory will be accessible on multiple smart devices.  

Painaustralia CEO Carol Bennett (pictured) said ‘Providing good support to people at the earliest possible stage of their chronic pain journey is one of the keys to achieving better outcomes. But it can be difficult for people to navigate complex health systems and to know which services provide quality and evidence-informed care.  This improved directory is not the solution to pain, but it will shorten the journey of many people experiencing serious and persistent pain as they seek out treatment that will work for them’. 

The pain services directory can be accessed via the Painaustralia website:

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