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09 August 2022

Joint Media Release with Hon Brendan O'Connor MP Minister for Skills and Training

Jobs and Skills Australia will help tackle skills shortages in Bean. Investing in the skills sector is crucial for Bean's economic growth, sustainability, and resilience. 

According to the OECD, Australia is experiencing the second most severe labour shortage in the developed world. 

The shortages are across industries that are vital to the health and wellbeing of Australians and our economy. Skills shortages include hairdressers, bricklayers, painters and carpenters and in growth areas like renewable energy, education and caring.

The Albanese Labor Government is taking immediate action by introducing Jobs and Skills Australia.

Jobs and Skills Australia, the first piece of legislation introduced to the parliament by the new Albanese Labor Government, will have a tripartite approach with state and territory governments, industry, employers, unions and training providers, and promote a training sector that meets the needs of employees, employers and the economy.

Establishing an interim Jobs and Skills Australia Director will enable its critical work to commence quickly, while extensive consultation on the ongoing functions and structure of JSA occurs.

The new independent agency will be responsible for providing advice to Government on Australia's current, emerging, and future labour market and work force skills and training needs to improve employment opportunities and economic growth. 

A skilled workforce is a more productive workforce.

After nearly a decade of inaction under the previous government, made worse by the decision to abandon migrant workers during the pandemic lockdowns, it's vital we get a better understanding of the skills we need now and in the future, to drive national skills policy.

The advice of Jobs and Skills Australia will help build a bigger, better-trained workforce and a more productive economy.

The Government understands immediate action is needed to address critical skill shortages. It is imperative we have a skill development sector that can rise to meet those challenges.