Go go Garry Malhotra - Ken Behrens Helping Hands

Go go Garry Malhotra - Ken Behrens Helping Hands Main Image

By David Smith MP

23 September 2021

Local lockdown legends, 'Garry Malhotra - Ken Behrens Helping Hands', and its many volunteers have been preparing and delivering thousands of meals a day for people struggling through the Covid lockdown.

On 14 September, I dropped in to see the team in action, and I learned about their experience concerning community demand for this valuable service.

The team prepared hundreds of delicious meals and hampers within hours, and Janaline Oh, ALP Senate candidate for the ACT and I did our best to keep up in the assembly line.

This is just one of the many remarkable acts of generosity and community spirit that we have witnessed during this once in a generation pandemic. When we are on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic we will look back at how the Canberra community came together to support each other.

Follow their Facebook page to learn more about what they are up and how you can help.