Communities at Work Galilee School

Address to the House of Representatives, Statements by Members - Communities at Work Galilee School

Monday 24 February 2024

2024 has started strongly for the Communities at Work Galilee School in my electorate of Bean. This small but growing school hit a milestone of achieving 100 enrolments. The timing could not be better, with the school celebrating its 25th year this year.

The Galilee School fills a niche by supporting teenagers who struggle in mainstream school environments. It's a place where young adults and their families can find a path to success. Here's what one of Galilee School's recent year 10 students said:

Our time here at Galilee School has been more than just classes and lunches; it's been a collective experience of growth, friendship, and shared laughter. We've discovered the importance of teamwork, resilience, and the undeniable truth that laughter is indeed the best medicine.'

For many of their students, Galilee School has been life changing. It has meant the difference between dropping out and finishing school. The success of the school owes so much to the untiring work of its school principal, Tim McNevin, his leadership team and the fantastic team of teachers, youth workers, learning support and other support staff over the 25-year history of the school. I look forward to celebrating their contribution to the Galilee School in their milestone year and look forward to the next 25 years with Galilee as well.