Capital Chemist Chisholm presented Guild Pharmacy of the Year award

Capital Chemist Chisholm presented Guild Pharmacy of the Year award Main Image

By David Smith MP

30 October 2020

Local Bean pharmacy, Capital Chemist Chisholm was awarded the Guild Pharmacy of the Year award at a presentation today. They won the significant national award ahead of thousands of pharmacies from across the country.

I was pleased to be able to join Pharmacy Guild ACT Branch President, Simon Blacker, to present the award to the local business recognised on the national stage for their leadership and innovation in providing the best healthcare for members of their communities.

Rebecca Young and her team at Capital Chemist Chisholm have impressed the judges by consistently seeking to improve its services and business while maintaining its position as an integral part of the community it serves.

This pharmacy serves as a great model of what community pharmacy today is all about – it’s about community, it’s about the patients it serves, and it’s about constantly meeting the needs of its patients.

Capital Chemist Chisholm had stood out because it had its finger on the pulse of this community and as a result had sought to provide the services and offerings that the community needs.

We are fortunate to have such a well regarded small business and exemplar of a community pharmacy of the future here in the Bean electorate.