Canberra COVID-19 vaccine information

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Please Note - For the most up to date information from the ACT Government or to book in for a vaccine go to: COVID-19 vaccine | ACT Health.

Canberrans are leading the way in getting vaccinated. As of 14 September, we have reached over 70 per cent first dose and 52.9 per cent second dose for Canberrans 16 and over.

We understand when we get vaccinated it is for our own health and for the safety of our families and community. It is important we keep it up and show the nation and the world that high vaccination rates and the right behaviour can keep our community safe.

Complacency can make us vulnerable to COVID, so it is important that we all get vaccinated as soon as we can and do all those other things that have become part of our everyday life. Checking in, social distancing, hand hygiene, wearing masks when required and getting tested if you have any symptoms.

We can all do our part by checking your vaccine eligibility, booking an appointment and ensuring we get the right information about the vaccines and not listening to, or spreading misinformation. Your main sources of official government COVID-19 information remain and

According to the Our World in Data COVID-19 project from the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford, Australia is still behind the rest of the world in vaccination rates.